You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

When the brain converts ethereal energy into words and writing, we manifest into the material world what we are dreaming in our mind. ~Don Miguel Ruiz

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

On this harvest moon

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away.

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart.

But now it's gettin' late
And the moon is climbin' high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin' in your eye.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

These are the lyrics to Neil Young's song Harvest Moon. These lyrics ring so true to my heart at this moment.  The funny thing is that I am not a big fan of Neil Young.  Perhaps that is changing, as is everthing.  Perhaps I never really understood the depth of his lyrics and songwriting.  I am not so sure I ever understood the meaning of many love songs - and yes this is a love song.  Not just about being in love but rekindling lost love. 

When I was a small child I had to see every Disney movie that came out.  At that time the main theme was always about prince charming coming in and sweeping his true love off their feet and carrying them into 'happily ever after'.  I believed this and knew one day my prince charming would step in and save me.  I was in love with the idea of being loved.  Loved so much it was painful to not be together.  Loved so much we could both see it shining in our eyes.  Which takes me back to the song.  You see, I think the moon is the reflection of love.  When we are in love our eyes smile, they shine. Especially when gazing upon our beloved.  

I know this as I once had a love like this - he had smiling eyes.  Beautiful sky blue shining eyes.  But we feel into that dream state - like a small child.  And the light, the smile in our eyes dimmed.  And then as we feel further into our dreams we forgot how to dance.  Not just with each other but in life.  The dream state became so comfortable just like the bed and glass case that held Sleeping Beauty, and a deep slumber took over. 

As I lay in my dream state I traveled far seeking that shine.  The look of love reflecting back to me what I was feeling.  But I was still in the dream.  Then, a day not too distant this song came on and like the kiss of a prince I awoke and knew that I wanted to dance again under a moon with my beloved - my prince with the smiling eyes.  I want to see those shining eyes gaze upon me with the same light they once held. 

I play this song several times a day.  Each time I listen to his song tears come to my eyes.  The man with the smiling eyes now shine upon another.  Perhaps I slept too long.  But I still have hope.  I have hope because soon it is the Harvest Moon.  And I will be waiting under the moonlight to dance again.

Monday, October 04, 2010


"I make the commitment to kindly, gently, lovingly and supportively realize the source of love within me so that I can love others selflessly."

The above is more than a comment, it is an affirmation, one I have chosen to state and work on. Today I had a session with a wonderful healer who is a Kinesiologist. She assists people to find the places within their bodies that are holding old belief patterns. The body actually stores information in the muscle tissue. Sometimes the information is false but is held none the less. What surprised me the most was that the old beliefs I have been holding onto were embedded in my muscles at the time of my birth. And, not only in my muscle tissue but in my etheric body. The etheric body is the energy body just outside of the physical body. It is the golden egg that surrounds us and is the blueprint of our physical existence. It is as much a part of who we are as our flesh, blood and bone. Shock, trauma and/or stresses that happen to us throughout our lives are leaving imprints upon our bodies and energy fields. Working with her has opened my eyes and heart to the pain I was holding onto. The session was quit amazing and I can actually feel the release beginning to take place. Kinesiology is not just mental but physical work involving the muscles, meridians and chakras.

As I left I was very aware of the people driving next to me, the people standing in line at the post office, my children as they walked into the door. What beliefs are they holding onto that no longer serves them, or causes them pain and sorrow. What beliefs are holding any of us back from giving and receiving love, from success, from abundance, from healing? I no longer want to allow false beliefs about myself to prohibit me from reaching my highest potential. From loving who I am and offering that love within me to others. To allow people to touch my life as I have so often touched theirs. So, I have made the commitment to myself to heal the wounded child (baby) within. To repeat this and other affirmations, to open myself up to the flow of love. To do the work needed with her gentle, loving assistance to become the best that I am capable. It is not easy to make this type of commitment but I am worth the effort.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Love Song

Deep within the well of the Soul lies the most beautiful song you could ever hear - the song of your own signature love and vibration.

I have learned how to let go of the preconceived idea of what love is - to fulfill that balance of the yin and yang outside of myself. I already have the love I need within my very being. I dishonor myself when I look beyond and accept less then I myself would bestow upon another. I give love more freely when I have no attachments placed upon it. I can love with all my heart and no longer expect that love will be returned. Besides it isn't the love returned that makes us feel whole. What we really desire is to hold that feeling of love in ourselves, to hear our own song.

My song has shown me that I am beauty, I am compassion and I am power. I walk with grace and know that my light stretches far beyond my physical body. The gifts I willingly share are but an extension of the love I carry within myself. Because I feel such comfort within, I have no fear of allowing others to hear my song. Perhaps this will help others to stop and listen… to pause and pick up the softly played notes of their own vibrational melody.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Star Being

Each morning as I begin my day, I like to send gratitude out to the universe when I shower because I feel so fortunate to have running hot water and to use such a glorious gift from the Mother. Today something was a little bit different - in a wonderful way. As the warmth enveloped me I could feel my body, really feel my body. I felt the casement surrounding my soul body. The blood, flesh and bone that make up the physical being that I am...... and then, I could feel the light body within begin to expand and grow beyond this soft, flexible shell. I became so expansive and while still retaining the feeling of my physical body I established a connection to the stars, as if I was a star or once was and will be once again. My light was one with the many other lights, shining, pulsing, merging. Shooting through the galaxy and beyond into other galaxies, with an infinite number of stars and shining beings. I felt myself smiling and that others were smiling with me. Bright, beautiful star beings all connecting through our particles of luminosity. It was incredible and spontaneous and I can still feel the glow from the experience.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Notes that Resonate

"When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music… And what is it to work with love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth…"

The above quote was pulled from the small book ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran. I printed this and keep it close by during the day. It resonates with me and I use this as a reminder that the work I do matters. I am referring to the inner work. Both for myself as well as my clients and friends. It also helps to keep my focus on my long term goal – of shifting my every day job into one that encompasses my spirituality. As an intuitive I have many people come to me for readings; people wanting some answers or a glimpse of the possibilities in their lives. I have always looked for the best that can be reached. I have a gift of being able to see the highest potential and the truth behind the masks and false limitations people carry. Many are perfect strangers and they are placing complete trust in me by allowing me to glimpse their soul. A small window opens up and I am allowed in to their private world. My work is to view their inner being with love and integrity. My work is to see the vibration and the composition their soul has written for this incarnation. I read the music of their soul’s path. I awaken many individuals from a deep sleep. It is still up to the individual to act on these truths but I give them hope. We are coming into a time when many people are feeling the stirrings of their inner reality. The outside world no longer feels tangible. We are awakening to our divine self but due to outdated belief systems people feel lost. The old religions were built to suppress our connection with the universe. Many people are floating on the sea of confusion and uncertainty; adrift in darkness and fear. I offer light to these wayward strangers. I have built my lighthouse on the shores of their new world. My work is to keep the light aglow and offer a safe place upon which to land.

I have also been blessed to receive this same guidance from others. The music of the flute has brought me back home, back to my own awareness of my highest potential. It gives me the courage to keep the light on and to walk my own path. I am reminded to keep my heart open and embrace my gifts, to work from the place of love as we all arrive and embark upon the journey of our soul.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Shards of glass piercing tender flesh
Shattered pieces fighting to reconnect
Sorrow pulsing through each vein
Silent tears softly falling
Sadness descending with heavy heart
Strength ebbing into surrender
Spirit filled with sudden fire
Hope reaching through the abyss

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty & Honor

Last week I attended a Sweat Lodge Ceremony. It was held in the Cherokee style. It was an amazing experience for me. The ceremony itself was very sacred and I will always hold the memory in my heart. But, the ceremony was not the only amazing thing. It was the people I shared sacred space with during ceremony. I was the only female as I approached the group of men surrounding the outside fire. I was very hesitant and shy walking in but as I got closer a young man came up to me and welcomed me, asked my name and introduced himself. He immediately put me at ease. Several other men then approached to make introductions. The last was a man named Thomas. I immediately felt safe next to him. A few women joined us as we entered the teepee to form a circle and speak our intentions for the ceremony. I looked closely at the face of each person as they spoke. The people that came to the ceremony all came for different reasons, had different stories and different personas. The face that each person presented held deep emotion; sorrow, doubt, pain, addiction, loss, faith, joy, fear. Each one of us was hoping that we would find some assistance on our paths through the sweat ceremony.

As we entered the sweat lodge, the women were asked to enter first. I began to notice a thread winding through the whole process - a thread of appreciation for women. During the ceremony we honor the women and Mother Earth. The prayers that were said during that time by the men in the lodge included me. Each prayer brought me closer to gratitude through their expression and prayer. Prayers are then sent to the men and our ancestors but even then, the men prayed and honored the women in the ceremony. I was deeply moved by the honor that was bestowed upon me and felt so much love, as if I was being embraced by each person, embraced even through their own pain and their own stories. I was being held in the womb of the mother but also by the men and women, who came to be held, came to be healed. And, I was reminded that we honor ourselves when we can give honor to another.

At the close of the ceremony, we once again formed a circle in the teepee to light a pipe and express our gratitude. I once again looked closely at the face of each person. However, I noticed that the emotion that was present when we began was now replaced with that of love. I could see the light that shines in each of us and each face held so much beauty. We were no longer in our own stories. We were in the embrace of light and it was present upon our faces. The symbolism of the sweat is to return to the womb of the Mother; to the moment prior to our birth when we knew our magnificence. The sweat ceremony is to assist us in remembering and honoring the light that shines within us. And, that we are all connected, supported and held as we walk through our story.

~ In gratitude and honor