You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

When the brain converts ethereal energy into words and writing, we manifest into the material world what we are dreaming in our mind. ~Don Miguel Ruiz

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cherished & Grateful Moments

Riding on the stern of a boat in Mexico, sitting shoulder to shoulder with the same person whom I slept shoulder to shoulder with as a child.

My 14 year old son crawling into bed with me with a book in hand, both of us reading and in our silence enjoying the comfort of each other.

Having a friend tell me that ‘I inspire them to be a better person’.

Shopping at a yard sale with a girlfriend and finding the most beautiful cordial glasses but not having the money to buy them; only to receive the entire set six months later from that same girlfriend for your birthday.

A friendship with a business associate worthy of receiving homemade Moon Pies as a Christmas gift.

The touch of a curly, blond haired child. Deep in my own sorrow I feel her small arm wrap around my leg and hold me close against her cheek. Not looking up to realize I am not her mother, and just finding comfort and love in the connection.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Touch of Compassion

A deep open vulnerable love that has no limits or boundaries – it just is. That love is available for all. It does not have to be an intimate relationship. Open yourself to that kind of love with each and every person that you meet. Caress them with your eyes and welcome them into your heart. Place your hands over theirs. Touch them and awaken them to divine love. Your touch and compassion has the ability to open hearts, to open the heart chakra and penetrate their energy field. Choose to bring people out of their dreams and into love. Awaken them into pure potential and light. Just allow compassion to flow from your eyes, fingers, hands, voice. Your love has the ability to stir the soul. Your compassion has the resonance to awaken.

~ Namaste

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Face of Beauty

So much is hidden behind a face. So much more to a person than what meet’s the eye. Do we dare to see the true beauty in that person? Or does our fear of not being as beautiful hinder our perception? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I say beauty is simply in the eyes. Look deeply into another human being. Pass through their face and see them for who they really are. The face we have chosen is only our protection, our façade. Our depth, our wisdom and our true beauty is encased within.

A few observations of this very thing from a class: (I took the liberty of renaming each based upon the way I perceived their beauty.)

Joy – A young man who feels with his heart and expresses it in his smile. Lean and tall, but possessing a quality of elegance. Reminds me of a gazelle, but yet – his confidence brings in great strength. Just being next to him calms and inspires. His smile welcomes you in as his eyes twinkle with mischief.

Qui – The hard angles of her bone structure accentuated by her cropped hair following her jaw line. But the way she moves; her gracefulness, her feet barely touching the floor as she formed her poses. Her hands, small and delicate, belying the strength in her face. Eyes that hold people from getting too close. As if warning not to come any nearer. Her sidewise glance though – looking to see if you will follow…

Benny – Young with curly brown hair and glasses. Eager and studious. He makes me feel giddy. His face is bright and his eyes are drinking in each and every motion. Praise brings a grin that splits his face. His bubbling joy brings a smile to my face as well. I can’t hold back and want to giggle.

Asher – The impression he greets me with is one of mild humor and a bit of annoyance. My presence will delay his progression. His voice is quiet and smooth like a river. His touch almost seductive. He is so gentle in his movements. Just barely hidden under the surface, I can feel the chaos that he harbors in his life. Silently trying to accept what he can’t control.

More to follow.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Light Being

Light is the thing that I seek
A darkened soul searching and searching
As I grow I look, search, long… for a glimpse
My quest brings me to seek only light
I had thought light was what I am
But it is light that I seek to keep the darkness at bay
Sorrow so deep the oceans can not compare
A crevice, a blackness, a shadow
So I have tried to live in light
To accept only that which is light
To repeat my blessings, my prayers
I have been living a betrayal to myself
Believing that I am godly, that I am golden
I see now that I am darkness
My way of survival is reverse of that which I am
But my seeking, my searching has kept me afloat
Will it bring me to the surface at last?
Will I truly become what I have chosen to believe?
Only time will tell
Perhaps time will bring truth
Till then, I will continue to seek,
To search
To betray