You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

When the brain converts ethereal energy into words and writing, we manifest into the material world what we are dreaming in our mind. ~Don Miguel Ruiz

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Unzipping Our Skin

I like to think of all of us as a golden ray of light encased in this human body. The movie Cocoon exemplifies this idea when the main character joins the female alien in the pool and they ‘make love’. She removes her outer skin and is nothing but a golden sphere of light. If only we could see each other in this way on a daily basis. For this is exactly what we are. Our soul’s energy is the same as this being. While sitting in my car I watch people walking across the street at a red light, a black man speaking to himself with arms flying to press his point. The hat upon his head is hand-crocheted out of vibrant colors of yarn, his gait jerky with a limp to the right leg. An old woman shuffling slowly across the road. The wrinkles on her exposed arms falling in ribbons like the icing on a cake. Her eyes focused intently on the ground, watching for any obstacle that may impede her slow progress. A tall, pale, bald man walking next to a beautiful blond woman. He is dressed in tailored slacks and a pinstripe shirt, she is wearing a flowing silk skirt and blouse, obviously returning to work after picking up lunch at the corner bistro, the logo for the shop printed on their paper coffee cups. A look of comfort and compatibility upon their face’s as they are engrossed in conversation. A young boy with spiked hair in the car next to mine with music booming out of the open windows. Large silver rings competing with the tattoos on the knuckles of both hands as he bangs them upon the steering wheel. A tall, obese man riding a motorcycle in his white sleeveless undershirt. Each and every one of these people are a golden ray of light, simply encased in the ‘skin’ they chose to enter this world in. The individuality of each of these people is what completes their beauty. Wouldn’t it be amazing if each one of these people stopped what they were doing and unzipped the suit they are wearing? What would emerge? If we could, just for a moment, remove the shells we call our lives and exposed the true being that we are and see that the light that shines in the old woman is the same light that shines in the young boy. What prejudices would we be able to let go of like the falling away of the skin? What expectations for the behavior of each of these individuals. I believe we would see the all-knowing, beautiful light of the one. Once again the movie comes to mind. When the main character joins with the alien he experiences such joy. Ecstasy in its purest form. I think we too would feel the same. The love that we would be able to hold for each other. The understanding. What if the warring groups in the Middle East froze in their spot, and unzipped their suits. Would the realization cause their souls to exit at that moment? Flee from the shame of the brutality and superiority they must have felt for themselves. I think not. For the golden light we are is God. And as it has been stated, God is all-forgiving. God is all of us. And God is simply love. Once we come back to the true being we are, we only feel love.